Carmen Cito

Hi, i am Carmen your personal Pilates Coach. I have been working in health, fitness and wellness since more than twenty years and started my journey into Pilates in 2006.

My goal is to help you evolve in your personal health and fitness goals, no matter your level, ambition or physical state. I have helped people simply to get started with a healthier lifestyle, to overcome back problems or to improve as athletes.

I have also specialized Fascial Pilates that connects all muscles, organs and ligaments in our body.

Check out the Testimonial section and my diplomas here below to learn more about my work and background in Pilates.

Curriculum Vitae, Diplomas and Trainings.

2020 – until now
Pilates Mat Classes at Yoganell
Personal Pilates Training and Small Groupes

2019 – until now
Pilates Carmen, Rolle VD
Personal Pilates Training

2018 – 2019
EQUINOX Mamaroneck, New York
Personal Training on Pilates machines ( Trapez Table, Reformer, Chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector & Mat)

06. 2015 -12. 2016
Pilates Studio Carmen, Neuchâtel
Personal Training on Pilates machines ( Trapez Table, Reformer, Chair, Spine Corrector & Mat) , independent studio owner

2012 – 2017
Centre Préventation et Santé, Colombier
Teaching Mat Pilates Classes

2012 – 2013
Réequilibre Pilates Studio, Neuchâtel
Teaching private or semi-privat Pilates, machines (TrapezTable, Reformer, Chair, Spine Corrector & Mat)

2010 – 2012
Hebammerei Biel/Bienne, Pilates Post-Natal
Teaching Mat Pilates Classes

2008 – 2015
Activ Fitness, Neuchâtel
Teaching Mat Pilates Classes

2008 – 2012
Flower Power Fitness&Wellness, Biel/Bienne
FitnessInstructor, GroupFitnessInstuctor (Back Gymnastics & Mat Pilates Classes (about 200hours) )and Wellness Masseuse

2006 – 2007
MIGROS Klubschule, Biel/Bienne
Teaching Mat Pilates Classes

2005 – 2008
CTS Fitness Center, Biel/Bienne
Teaching GroupFitness, (BodyForming, Back Gymnastics & Pilates Classes)

2004 – 2009
BTV Biel Bürgerturnverein,  Biel/Bienne
Senior Gymnastics

My passion for movement started very early.  I took dance classes during my childhood and later, sport became an important part of my life. I practiced various martial arts, rowing and surfing.


Anatomy and health have always been fascinating to me and it has been my wish to understand the body and explore all its possibilities. This is how I came to choose pharmacy assistant as my first profession. At the same time, I attended trainings courses to specialize in different aspects of sport, movement, nutrition and massage. I worked as a private fitness coach, I taught group classes and offered classical and therapeutic massages.


In 2006 I started my training to become a Pilates instructor at the international POLESTAR school in Basel. Since 2012 I have been a certified instructor in Mat work, Trapeze Table (Cadillac) Reformer, Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel and Spine Corrector, as well as small accessories, such as the Roller, Swissball, Magic Circle, etc.


I gave birth to my son Luca in 2010.


In 2015, I fulfilled my lifelong dream by opening my small but charming " Pilates Studio Carmen". I dedicated a lot of energy and enthusiasm to this project and I am happy to have been able to make it come true.


Having lived in New York City for three years (2017-2019), I had the opportunity to work a year for the "Pilates Studio" at Equinox Fitness Mamaroneck.


I am now living in Rolle and I look forward to sharing my passion for Pilates, by guiding my students in exploring their bodies and helping them connect with themselves. The anatomy of movement and the synergy between breath, body and mind fascinate and inspire me to find suitable exercises to improve both strength and flexibility.


I teach classes in French, English and German.

Trainer Bill Parisi / Fascia Training Academy
Divo Müller, Daniela Meinl Fascial Fitness

Fascia & Mouvements Workshop FITSPRO
with Regula Calloni & Nicole Pfister

Anatomy Trains for Movement Professionals
Simone Lindner, Equinox Mamaroneck, NY


Advance Reformer Exercises – challenges for the client and teacher

Workshop presented by Diana Diefenderfer, Equinox Flatiron, NY


Power of Pilates meet and greet meeting fellow Pilates Instructors
Carla Griffin, Equinox Greenwich 


Spiral Stabilization, Kurs 1 A,B, C, D (32 hours)
Dr. med. Richard Smisek 


Workshop „ Pilates goes Bikini“ (4hours)
(according to the guidelines of Polestar Education)


Workshop „ Pilates Reformer Plyomterics“(4hours)
(according to the guidelines of Polestar Education)


Workshop „Pilates learns to fly“ TRX (4hours)                                    
(Suspension Training meets Pilates)


Workshop „ Pilates meets functional Training“ (4hours)                                   
(according tot he guidelines of Polestar Pilates)


Workshop Pilates and knee injury (6hours)
Kymeda, Anke Sinz


FITS pro Convention Vitam France (3 day`s) 
Pilates Inside out & Bodymind ( Kathy Corey, 


Diplome International Pilates POLESTAR Studio                                   
Certified Practitioner of Pilates Studio, Brent D. Anderson PhD, PT, OCS


Polestar Pilates S/R6 20hours
Polestar Pilates S/R5 20 hours
Polestar Pilates S/R4 20 hours
Polestar Pilates S/R3 20 hours

Polestar Pilates S/R2 20 hours
Polestar Plates S/R1 20 hours
Polestar PilatesS/PP 16 hours


Inhouse Workshop „Learn Fly“ (7hours) TRX
(according tot he guidelines of Polestar Education)


Jumper Basic, Star school for training and recreation
Cyrill Lüthi, 7hours


Gymstick Varation, star school for training and recreation
Cyrill Lüthi, 7hours


Workshop Back balance between mobility, stability, force &skill
Lumbar Spine & Leg Axis, Klubschule Migros 4 hours


Workshop, Burn fat efficiently and sustainably
Klubschule Migros, Simon Annaheim, 2hours


Zertificat, Hot Stone Body Massage
Keller, 7hours


Gymstick Muscle Instructor`s License
Sanna Kasurinen, 8hours


Zertificat, Worksho: Spinal column, core muscles & deep autochthonous
back muscles, Dr. Axel Gottlob 


Cours training confirmation: Sports massage
12 hours


Certificate: Sonama Sound –and Foot reflex massage
Keller, 6 hours


Certificate: „Cupping 3“
Keller, 12 hours


Associated BasicLife Support, BLS-SRC
(First aid course)

Attestation homeopathy by winter pathologies


Polestar Pilates M3 (16 hours)
Mat 3


Polestar Pilates M2 (16 hours)
Mat 2


Polestrar Pilates M1 (16 hours)
Mat 1


Polestar Pilates P-F (16 hours)
Theory anatomy


Attestation: Foot reflex massage
Klubschule Migros, 18 hours


Diplom: StreTching Instructor
35 hours, star education school for training and recreation
Karin Albrecht


Diplom: Nordic Walking Instructor
Ryffel Running Nordic Walking Team, 16 hours


Diplom Wellnes Trainer
Klubschule Migros 480 hours
January 2003 – November 2004


Capacity Certificate: Pharmaceutical assistant
3 years