Pilates with Carmen Cito

Dipl. International Polestar Pilates Trainer 
Classes in French, English and German.


Pilates & Fascia Training
10:15am-11:15am @PhysioSynergie Gland
info & inscription [email protected] or +41 79 685 95 80
( waiting list cours complete )

Monday - Saturday

Personal Training: Pilates, Fascia Fitness & Outdoor Training, Parcours Vita,
Nordic Walking
By appointment at +41 79 685 95 80 or [email protected]

Monday - Saturday

Body Therapy: Medical-Stretching® and Regulate the Autonomic Nervous System
By appointment at +41 79 685 95 80 or [email protected]

Small Group Classes
Pilates & Fascia Training

01 lesson      chf   40.-
05 lessons    chf 185.- ( Abo valid 06 weeks )
10 lessons    chf  350.- ( Abo valid 12 weeks )
info & inscription [email protected] or +41 79 685 95 80

Private Classes

You will need to fill in an initial enrolment form to gather general information, medical history and a postural assessment. This questionnaire will enable me to guide you to the basics of Pilates movements and plan out the progression of future sessions.


Each one-on-one session is completely customized to your needs and will lead you to maximize your potential.


One-to-one session at your home

I also happy to offer private sessions in the comfort of your home, provided there is sufficient space for the session.


I will bring all the necessary equipment for the exercises.


Private session

A private Pilates session lasts 60 minutes and consists of combination of equipment and mat work at a level focused on your personal needs.


Wear comfortable, fitted sport clothing. No shoes are required. 



Pilates equipment uses a unique blend of body weight, pulleys and springs to create resistance.

My Pilates Studio has several pieces of equipment (Cadillac, Reformer, Chair, SpineCorrector & various material), each of them is designed for specific exercises.

Pricing Personal Training

1 Private Session at the Studio CHF 120
1 Private Session at your home CHF 150

10 Private Session at the Studio CHF 1080
10 Private Session at your home CHF 1350

Duration of one session 60 minutes.

Body Therapie
30min.    CHF  60.-
50min.    CHF 100.-
60min.    CHF 120.-

Cancellation policy

Private session must be cancelled at least 24 hours before starting time of the appointment.


If you do not cancel in time, you will be charged the full price for the session.

Vita Parcours

Where : Vita Parcours in Gland

With: Carmen Cito et Regula Calloni 

Pilates and Fascial Fitness instructors . We want you to discover the Vita Parcours and its outdoor exercises, so you can do it at your own pace. 


When : new dates coming soon / available on request

Meeting point: Gland - Centre sportif d'En Bord , at the Vita Parcour start. 


Flexible subscriptions:  4 classes for CHF 25 each

Registration by e-mail required: [email protected] 

The course takes place in all weathers (except storms). If cancelled an e-mail will be sent to you 1 hour in advance. 

Upfront payment :  Total to pay CHF 100.- 

IBAN CH64 0076 7000 T546 3456 9 

Banque Cantonale Vaudoise 

Grand-Rue 60 / CP 1208 

1180 Rolle

Payment par Twint
079 685 95 80
Carmen Cito
*Message: Your first and last name

Fascial Fitness

Release the tensions of your daily life, renew your fascial network and feel better than ever!

Many think that Fascial Fitness only means rolling over the “Blackroll”, probably the most famous training device!  But rolling out the fascia (the connective tissue) with the foam roller (Blackroll, MELT roller, Pilates roller) is just one of several components of fascial training.

I trained at Fascia Training Academy from Bill Parisi and the Fascial Fitness Association from Dr. Robert Schleip and his wife Divo Müller.


Good reasons to keep your fascia fit:

• Fascia is our largest sensory organ!

• Fascia transfers the force in the muscles!

• Fascia keeps our body upright and in shape!

• Fascia ensures communication with the nervous system as well as in and under organs!

• Fascia injuries cause the most pain!

• Fascia is  the home to our immune system and most of our metabolism!

• There are many nerve endings in the fascia!

• And my completely unscientific conviction: fascia stores emotions!

The Fascial Fitness principles

In order to keep fascia healthy and / or to stimulate renewal again, Fascial Fitness is carried out, based on the following principles of the Fascial Fitness Association by Dr. Robert Schleip and his team.

1. BOUNCE Elastic springback & resilience

2. STRETCH Power transfer & flexibility

3. RELEASE Rehydrating & regenerating 

4. REFINE Fasica as a sensory organ