Personal Pilates & Fascia Training.

Get in shape, find your balance and heal your body. 
Pilates trains your core muscles, strengthens your back and helps you reduce stress.

"Stay in motion with your body and mind"

Carmen Cito - International Dipl. Polestar Pilates Trainer

MAT Pilates Classes - Small Groups

Pilates is for everyone - no matter your age or fitness level. It improves posture, strengthens core muscles, increases energy, flexibility and posture. Classes with maximum of 5 people.
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Private Classes

A private session is specially designed and tailored to your individual needs and postural type. They are particularly recommended if you require rehabilitation or have been referred to me from a healthcare practitioner.
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Fascial Fitness

Release the tensions of your daily life. Renew your fascial network,

and feel better than ever!

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Medical-Stretching is a gentle and extremely effective guided stretching method.

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Vita Parcours & Fascial Fitness Outdoor

Guided Vita Parcours training for all levels at an adapted pace with a focus on fascia fitness.

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Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is a high-quality workout for the whole body.

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Regulate the Autonomic Nervous System

A hands-on approach to regulate to enhance the client's self-regulation, support systemic coherence, pain patterns and restrictions.

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«After ten times you feel the difference, after twenty times you see the difference and after thirty times you have a new body!» 

Joseph Hubert Pilates